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Understand and master digital transformation with our 100% online courses

Understand a world under transformation

Digital Basics

Key principles & challenges E-reputation, Search, IOT, Mobile, social media, ecommerceDigital, marketing, retail 2.0 1h keynote live or replay

Mastering Digital Transformation

The 6 pillars of digital transfo Key Methods & best practices Based on the bestseller book 1h keynote live or replay

The key trends of the Smart City

Assist your team / colleaguesTools & softs skills Agility, Collab, innovation 1h keynote live or replay

Social Media Listening & ereputation 

Listening to the digital consumerUnderstand Social data analysis 1h keynote live or replay

Marketing with Instagram

The latest Instagram trends Benchmark of best practices 1h keynote live or replay

From Brand Content to Smart Content 

Creating brand contentUnderstand Social data analysis1h keynote live or replay

Luxury and Digital: The Latest 2020 Trends

Discover the emerging trendsIdentify the strategic levers1h keynote live or replay

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