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Synthesis of key trends and innovations analysed and decrypted by our experts 

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Accelerate your business transformation

Inspire, inform and train your teams as closely as possible to your sectorial issues. Interventions to anticipate market innovations and evangelize teams.

  • ● Best of Internationals fair | CES, NRF, VIVATECH, Cannes LIONS● The 7 pillars of digital transformation● Artificial Intelligence, what impact? ● The 4 disruptions of the Next Economy● Retail & E-Commerce trends● Data, CRM & AI: how to reinvent your marketing?● BtoB Digital Marketing ● Understand the DNVB's strengths

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Rethinking our society sustainably

Companies, local authorities, producers of goods and services... Everyone must play their part to build a long-term future for all. The HUB Institute has selected 4 major transitions to create a sustainable, healthy and accessible world for the next generations. 

  • ● Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory● Sustainability & Positive Impact● Mobility : meeting the challenges of sustainable transition● Challenges of the "smart city"● CSR report, carbon footprint● Responsible innovation● Green communication: good practices

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Anticipate the Future of Work

Faced with digital disruptions, the sustainable economy or the CoVid-19, it is time to rethink the organization and practices of the company.
Remote work and management, agility, collaboration, emotional intelligence, the impact of AI, employee experience, fulfillment at work, training, management in an uncertain world, ...

  • ● How to manage teams remotely?● How to better organize yourself to increase your professional efficiency  ● Understand, dissect and imagine new business models● The Future of Online Events●  Performance measurement: the new KPIs● Future of Work, of skills and jobs● Happiness at work : myths and realities




You select the theme of your Boost Session(s).



You plan the date and place of the session(s) & block the slot



Our expert converse with you before every session to customize it to your needs. 



Our expert will speak for one hour with Q&A time at the end. 



You will get a PDF version of the presentation as well as the replay of the presentation, to share it with your teams. 

Sales, Marketing & Communication

E-Reputation & Social Listening

Adopt Social Media Listening and Social Media Intelligence tools and challenges of your e-reputationLive keynote or replay (1h)

B2B: feed your sales with outbound leads

Talk to your prospects, generate B2B leads Prospect online efficientlyLive keynote or replay (1h)

Marketing on Social Media

Trends, figures, best practicesYoutube, Twitter, TikTok,...How to design your strategy Live keynote or replay (1h)

Communicate on Instagram

Build your editorial lineTrends, figures, best practices, campaign benchmarks Live keynote or replay (1h)

Brand & Smart Content

Understand the stakes and practicesTrends, figures, campaign benchmarks, at 360° and 365 days Live keynote or replay (1h)

Linkedin: boost your BtoB influence

How to generate B2B leads, switch to content marketing Automation marketing, KPIs Live keynote or replay (1h)

Growth Hacking: relaunch your growth

Identifier les actions et les opportunités à développer afin de relancer la machine post-COVID Live keynote or replay (1h)

Retail Media & efficient Marketing

Optimize your investments and your media ROI Optimize your sales negotiationsLive keynote or replay (1h)

Luxification: learning from luxury

Elevate your brand by taking inspiration within luxuryBest practices benchmark Live keynote or replay (1h)

The new post-crisis marketing KPIs

How to measure ROI? Assess your KPIsAttention, relationship, commitment Live keynote or replay (1h)

RSE: Greenwashing & Goodwashing

How to avoid them, move to CSR/CSR 2.0 & positive impact The Transition for Good Method Live keynote or replay (1h)

Retail, E-Commerce & Customer Experience

Trends of Retail 2.0

Principles, issues and notions of the future of retail (AI, data, customer experience)Includes our reports on the NRF Live keynote or replay (1h)

Retailers: the uses of data / crisis

Decision informed by data Predictive marketing & retail Benchmark of best practices Live keynote or replay (1h)

Luxury & e-retail

Principles, issues and concepts Understanding e-distribution Keys to success and use cases Live keynote or replay (1h)

UX & Customer Experience: Satisfy your customers

Sell better remotely with optimized product sheets Live keynote or replay (1h) + workshop (1 to 4 hours)

Luxury & E-Commerce

Challenges & opportunities The expectations of luxury customers Benchmark & best practices Live keynote or replay (1h)

CRM: the relationship model of the future

Challenges & opportunities Bench of the best of relationship Figures on customer expectations Live keynote or replay (1h)

Amazon & online selling

Key figures & trends Principles & best practices Optimize product sheets Live keynote or replay (2h30)

Mastering Amazon and the marketing levers

Marketing actions to boost sales Referencing of offers Live keynote or replay (2h30)

Management & HR 2.0, Innovation & Agility

Innovation: know how to pivot quickly

Identify opportunities create a relevant solution, and launch it quickly.Live keynote or replay (1h)

Innovation: Build and test your idea in 2 days

Discover the product strategies without a developer. Launch a project and test in 2 daysLive keynote or replay (1h)

Data & AI: challenges and impact for businesses

The principles of AI and Data Business issues by sectorEthical and human issues Live keynote or replay (1h)

Data & AI: what business applications?

Smart city trends: smart, green, inclusive10 projects and 100 solutionsLive keynote or replay (1h)

The challenges of "smart city"

Smart City trends: smart, green, inclusiveThe 10 challenges of the city 2.0The 100 solutionsIncludes all the Cities Summit's videosLive keynote or replay (1h)

HR: Soft Skills in an Uncertain World

The 3 soft skills to better cohabit with uncertainty: empathy, discernment & agility From the Guide of the Future of HR and Management Live keynote or replay (1h)

The art of pitching

Effectively present your ideas in less than 5 minutesproprietary method, the HUBSTORY® created by ZEPRESENTERSLive keynote or replay (1h)

Storytelling : The power of stories

Build a clear, concise and impactful argumentProprietary method, the HUBSTORY® created by ZEPRESENTERSLive keynote or replay (1h)

Negotiate with efficiency and simplicity

In a changing world, become a better negotiatorUnderstand the levers of influence and empathyLive keynote or replay (1h)