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Hosted by Caroline Loisel, HR transformation expert

Soft skills in times of crisis (1 to 3H)

The 3 soft skills to better cope with the crisis: empathy, discernment & agility 

With Caroline Loisel, HR transformation expert

- Target: Accessible to all managers, digital and non-digital employees
Format & Duration: In a live keynote (1 hour) or in 3 replays of 1 hour each
- Namely: a training session based on the bestselling book "The Guide to the Future of HR and Management" which she co-authored with Emmanuel Vivier. It will address the keys to empathy, the cognitive biases that can hamper our ability to discern, particularly in the face of uncertainty, and the conditions necessary to free up energy and be more agile and innovative.
- Price: depending on the number of participants, please contact us for a group rate or OPCO funding

This training is for those who wish to :

    Coping better with a more uncertain and complex context
    Successfully federate and motivate your teams in a fragile environment
    Acquire the right reflexes, the right rituals and the right training for these three soft skills
    Be aware that these 3 soft skills are essential to bring out the best in your teams
    Develop your talents as a collaborACTOR for projects that are increasingly transversal to your organisation


A training from the bestselling book


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Caroline Loisel, HR transformation expert

- Expert, consultant, speaker on HR transformation, career coaching for digital talents
- 21 years of experience in new technologies and digital in large and medium-sized organisations (Orange, Publicis, Solocal, Ubisoft) and in consulting firms and agencies (Beijaflore, Proximity BBDO)
- Co-author of the Guide to the Future of HR and Management

This training will teach you

  • Empathy for better interaction

    A better understanding of the other person's emotions and functioning is possible as soon as our knowledge of ourselves is more complete. We can be empathetic when we ourselves are emotionally balanced. Empathy towards one's collaborators, end customers, partners, counterparts and hierarchy allows one to adapt one's posture, language and reasoning to better co-construct solutions and move forward. 
  • Discernment for better action 

    It is easy to judge and criticise. It is less easy to reflect by listening to different points of view based on different mental models and thought patterns. Each of us is by definition "biased" by our mental models and cognitive biases. We cannot avoid them, but we can be aware of them in ourselves and in others and thus pay close attention to "channeling" them and thus endow ourselves with a superpower: discernment. 
  • Agility for better decision-making

    We have all seen it during the period of containment: we have never been so creative, innovative and agile. What does this tell us about the conditions for innovation? We will share with you the 6 keys to agility in an organisation, both tangible and intangible keys to maintaining the momentum we had in this unprecedented moment. 
  • Final evaluation quiz

    ● Evaluation quiz
    ● Additional resources

Course of this training

  • 1

    Online Video Training

    Participate in the online training live or in replay (depending on the format) / You will always have replay access to progress at your own pace and according to your availability.

  • 2

    Resources +

    In addition to the video training, you will have quizzes to take and access to resources (useful articles, inspirational videos or checklists) to use to go further.

  • 3


    The expert trainer will be available and contactable during the training. He will be able to answer your questions by email or via the comments or live.

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