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with Emmanuel Vivier, Co-founder of the HUB Institute

Digital Basics (5 Hours)

Understand the basics of digital and develop your digital culture!

with Emmanuel Vivier, Co-founder of the HUB Institute

- Target: Accessible to all: managers, digital and non-digital employees.- Format & Time: E-learning of 5 Hours (10 modules of 30 minutes)- To know : A training already followed by several thousands of people- Price: It depends on the format and number of participants, contact-us

This training is perfect for you, if you'd like to : :  

    Be able to search, collect and select information on the Internet.
    Identify the key players and their relationships online (platforms, GAFA, startups)
    Use social networks in an efficient way
    Understand the key principles and best practices behind of e-commerce
    Identify opportunities around mobile commerce


Your expert for this training 


Emmanuel Vivier, co-founder of the HUB Institute

- Expert, consultant, speaker on digital transformation
- 21 years of experience, 10,000 managers trained, 700 training courses
- Author of the Guide de la Transformation Digitale
- Author of the Guide du Futur des RH et du Management

This training course will teach you

  • The disruption and major digital trends in 2020

    Understand the causes of digital disruption: connected consumers, the use of technology by startups and the arrival of digital giants GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) in other industries (retail, automotive ...).
  • #1 : Seeking information online - 30 min

    ● How can I search information on the Internet?● Primary online information resources ● Collaborative sources of information ● Twitter ou la Révolution de l'information● How to make and share your information alerts as efficiently as possible  ● Conclusion● Quiz 
  • #2 : An overview of social media - 30 min

    ● Facebook  ● Instagram ● Twitter  ● Snapchat  ● LinkedIn  ● WeChat  ● Conclusion● Quiz 
  • #3 : E-reputation - 30 min

    ● Managing your personal e-reputation ● Why Monitor Your Company’s e-reputation? ● Which tools should be used to monitor your company’s e-reputation? ● Setting up a Buzz Monitoring Methodology● Additional resources
  • #4 : The art of digital communication - 30 min

    ●  The Evolution of Communication  ● The tools in your possession (Own Media)● The tools not in your possession (Earn Media & Social Media)● Other digital tools (Paid Media)● Additional resources
  • #5 : Digital Panorama and Trends - 30 min

    ● Digital in 2020 ● Video in 2020● The Big Data phenomenon● The rise of artificial intelligence  ● Additional resources
  • #6 : The mobile revolution - 30 min

    ● How mobile is changing consumption● Mobile-commerce ● Mobile devices and Customer Experience ● The mobile phone, the future of payment?● Mastercard: What’s Next for Mobile Payments?● Additional resources
  • #7 : E-commerce and everywhere commerce - 30 min

    ● E-commerce and Mobile Commerce● Everywhere commerce (Voice with smart speaker,...)● The evolution of payments● Influences of Digital Trends on Banking ● Additional resources 
  • #8 : Retail 2.0 - 30 min

    ● Retail 2.0 best practices● Re-evaluating the instore experience with digital tools● [SEPHORA NEW] INAUGURATION - New concept-store : SEPHORA FLASH● The role of the salesperson  ● Additional resources
  • #9 : IOT : The revolution of Connected Objects - 30 min

    ● The revolution of connected objects (Internet Of Things)● A Promising Market that’s Already Here ● Connected objects: common, multi-sector standards  ● Challenges for the future ● Additional resources
  • Final test

    ● Final Test

Format of this training course

  • 1

    Online Video Training

    Participate in this e-learning course at your own pace and according to your availability. You can stop at any time and start again whenever you want.

  • 2

    Ressources +

    In addition to the video training, you will have access to quizzes and resources (useful articles, inspiring videos or check lists) to use to go further.

  • 3


    The expert trainer will be available and can be contacted during the training. He will be able to answer your questions by email or via comments or live.

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