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animated by Daniel Bô, CEO l’Institut d’études QualiQuanti

E-Commerce training :
Optimising product sheets (2 to 4H)

Better remote selling with optimised product sheets

With Daniel Bô, CEO l’Institut d’études QualiQuanti

- Target: Accessible to all: e-merchants, brand managers in charge of e-commerce, brand content managers, marketing and communication managers.
- Format & Duration: Webinar replay or live keynote + web workshop - 2 to 4 hours to lay a solid foundation
- To know : Product sheets have significant room for improvement (product descriptions, photos, videos, art direction, etc.)
- Price: depending on the number of participants, consult us for a group price or OPCO financing)

This course is made for those who wish to :  

    Master the rules of product communication and product sheets in e-commerce
    Discover many examples from the best product sheets in the world
    Understanding the challenges of display on smartphones and PCs
    Know the rules of communication specific to your sector of activity
    Get personalised recommendations to optimise your product sheets


Your training expert


Daniel Bô, CEO l’Institut d’études QualiQuanti

- Expert in brand content, brand culture, product content and e-commerce
- 30 years of expertise in brand research and communication
- Author of Brand Content: how do brands turn into media?
- Author of Brand culture: the coherence of brands in question
- Head of the Brand Content Institute
- Initiator of a study on product content and of a dedicated blog

This course will teach you

  • Overview of best practices in product communication

    Benchmark of best practices in France and internationally in product communication based on video captures of outstanding examples
  • #1 : Key findings of the product content study

    ● The context of product content: its scope and management, e-commerce landscape
    ● The rules of product communication: success criteria, differences between e-commerce form and brand space
  • #2 : Data issues - your data will be the cement of your performance – 15 min

    ● Without data, there is no marketing or sales performance
    ● How to adopt a true data-driven strategy
    ● 4 simple but essential steps to make your data a high-value asset 
  • #3 : The main components of product sheets 

    ● Product descriptions
    ● Photos and videos
    ● Reviews
    ● Delivery information
    ● CSR information
    ● Contents help
    ● Size guide
  • #4 : The sectoral specificities of product content 

    ● Differences and challenges by type of product and by sector of activity 
  • #5 : Display of product sheets on smartphones and PCs

    ● The characteristics of the horizontal space of the PC versus the vertical space of the smartphone
    ● The do's and don'ts on each media
  • #6 : An interactive and personalised exploration of examples

    ● Before the training, you can send the expert trainer links to your product sheets and possibly to other players in your sector of activity.
    ● The examples will be analysed collectively live so that you can obtain personalised optimisation leads, adapted to your sector.

Course of this training

  • 1

    Online Video Training

    This training is available in Webinar Replay format to adapt to your schedule or as a live keynote to combine the content with a question and answer session focused on your issue.

  • 2

    Resources +

    In addition to the video training, you will have access to resources (useful articles, inspiring videos or checklists) to use to go further.

  • 3


    Before the training, you can send the links of your product sheets and your questions to the expert trainer. He will be able to adapt his presentation to your problems and answer your questions live.

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