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Animated by Candice Delorme, digital strategy expert

Luxury & E-commerce: challenges and opportunities (1H30)

Understand the challenges facing e-commerce in the luxury market in order to act and bounce back from the crisis

With Candice Delorme, Experte en stratégie digitale

- Target: Accessible to all: managers, digital and non-digital employees
- Format & Duration: Keynote live, replay - 1 H30 to lay the foundations or Web Workshop (2 to 3H)
- To know : Many concrete cases illustrate this presentation.
- Price: depending on the number of participants, consult us for a group price or OPCO financing)

This course is for those who wish to :  

    Have an overview of the luxury e-commerce market
    Understanding the expectations of the new generations / the online purchase of luxury brands
    Master the challenges you face in delivering the best e-commerce customer experience
    Taking stock of not-to-be-missed online sales drivers
    Understanding consumer trends that are likely to increase with the covid-19 crisis


Your training expert


Candice Delorme, Experte en stratégie digitale, Suni Conseil

- 17 years of experience in marketing, digital, fashion, e-commerce, luxury
- Co-founder of The Other Store and Suni Conseil
- Expertise: business, digital strategy, omnichannel customer experience, online marketing

Candice Delorme worked in e-commerce for 15 years before setting up Suni Conseil, her own consultancy firm for companies wishing to accelerate their digital transformation. Her curiosity led her to work on the development of e-business in different sectors, online food distribution, car rental, ready-to-wear, beauty, luxury, with each time a great attention to customer satisfaction and experience.

In 2008, she co-founded The Other Store, a new model of web agency specialising in e-commerce delegation, which offers retailers support in all the key areas of online sales: creation and animation of the e-commerce site, market places, logistics, customer service, traffic development.

In 2015 she joined a major luxury brand to develop its international e-business sales, particularly in Asia.
These experiences have allowed her to acquire solid skills in e-commerce and e-retail but also in online marketing, web project management, business plan and digital strategy, which she now uses to the benefit of her clients. Her key assets are a thorough knowledge of online retailing in the fashion and beauty sectors, a strong sense of brand expression and a start-up spirit that drives her to find agile and innovative solutions.

This training will teach you

  • #1. Overview of the online luxury market - 15 min

    ● Definition: distinguishing direct and indirect online distribution, hybrid models.
    ● The links between brands and pure players
    ● Key international figures, differences between different markets and product categories
    ● The generations that contribute most to luxury e-commerce and future trends.
  • #2. Customer experience at the heart of luxury: what experience to offer in e-commerce? – 25 min

    ● The influence of Millennials, the new demands of Generation Z.
    Convenience: a non-negotiable must-have but no longer sufficient.
    ● The hyper-personalisation of products and customer relations.
    ● An "enriched" e-commerce experience: augmented reality and virtual reality
    ● Entertainment, in shop but also online, trends.
    ● The demand for transparency and authenticity
    Illustration: taking inspiration from DNVBs (Digital Native Vertical Brands)
  • #3. The challenges to achieve this – 15 min

    ● Unified inventory to enhance the omnichannel experience
    ● Capitalising on customer data, an issue that is all the more important with the prospect of Google stopping third-party cookies.
    ● Communicating with customers: unified customer service at all contact points
    ● Communicating with customers: adapting content to all types of media thanks to Digital Content Optimization.  
  • #4. New direct distribution channels not to be overlooked – 15 min

    ● Social Selling, playing with new codes outside the brand's usual territory
    ● Voice Commerce with connected speakers (Google Home, Alexa,..): be absolutely prepared for it.
    ● The second-hand market, should we reappropriate it?
  • #5. Perspectives: how does the covid-19 crisis impact these priorities? - 20 min 

    ● Contraction of e-commerce, key figures and spending projections
    ● Acceleration of consumer trends already underway, what impact on luxury e-commerce?
    ● Beyond CSR, committing to action, having a positive impact on society.
    ● New forms of content, new territories of expression?
    ● Less is more?

Course of this training

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    Online Video Training

    This training is available in Replay format to fit in with your schedule or as a live keynote to combine the content with a question and answer session focused on your issue.

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    Resources +

    In addition to the training, you will have access to a list of resources to help you move from reflection to action (inspirational articles, check lists).

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    The expert trainer will be available and contactable during the training. He will be able to answer your questions by email or via the comments or live.

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