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Hosted by Julien PELABERE, Founder l'Institut NERA

Influential Negotiation (1H)

Negotiate with efficiency, simplicity and serenity

With Julien PELABERE, Founder l'Institut NERA

- Target: Accessible to all: managers, employees, HR, purchasing or sales departments, project managers, anyone who needs to negotiate effectively internally or with clients.
Format & Duration: live online keynote or replay of 1H+ Q/A
- To know more: A conference based on the award-winning book "La Négociation d'Influence" (Ed. Dunod) with the CELIA® influence negotiation method
- Price : depending on the number of attendees, please consult us for a group rate or OPCO funding)

This training is for those who wish to :

    Learn to negotiate effectively, calmly and simply to become a better negotiator
    Better understand the psychological levers of influence
    Better communicate and defend your interests with a unique and scientific negotiation tool
    Be more empathetic and emotionally intelligent in your relationships with others
    Discover new negotiation techniques and strategies


Your training expert


Julien PELABERE, Founder l'Institut NERA

- Influence Negotiation
- Doctor in complex negotiation (PhD) and founder of the NERA Institute,
- Professional negotiator, considered by the press (Forbes) as the new reference in negotiation in France,
- Teaches his research at the Sorbonne, HEC, ENA and Sciences Po Paris
- TEDx speaker and author

This training will teach you

  • #1. CONNECT

    ● The connection phase with the other person is crucial. As the popular saying goes, "You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. "● This connection phase involves both preparatory work and information gathering to avoid any stereotyping upstream and work at the moment to create the most favourable conditions for a future agreement.● Humility" and "benevolence" must be the key words in order to welcome the other person with the least possible prejudice so as not to bias the rest of the negotiation.

    ● After the connection phase, the negotiator must still avoid being in a desire to convince and be in a desire to understand.● One cannot speak with relevance if one has not listened to the other before. In fact, empathy is one of the main qualities of any good negotiator.● This ability to be emotionally intelligent is a real success factor that must have an ever-present place in every negotiator's mind.

    ● Unlocking the trust between the two partners is a necessary step before an agreement can be expected. Without trust with the partner, the agreement cannot exist.● While philosophers, psychologists, economists, sociologists and anthropologists have worked on this notion of trust, we are going to study and define it from a more economic approach.● Using power not "over" or "against" your partner but "with" them will be a real lever for creating additional trust.

    ● This stage is interesting because it comes "late" after the connection stage,
    empathy and trust building.
    ● Since there can be no good answers without good questions in influence negotiation, the first steps are mandatory to create the connection, ventilate the emotions and allow our interlocutor to be more able to listen to us.● Depending on the partner, the negotiator can either position himself as an "inspiring negotiator" (advice dynamic) or as an "influencing negotiator" (suggestion dynamic).

    ● Anyone who wants to do something needs time or encouragement before doing it. Between making a decision and taking action, a delta of time will pass in the mind of the negotiator.● In this last stage before reaching agreement with my partner, it is important to know how to accompany and reassure him.● If we summarise trust as time multiplied by proximity, the negotiator will have to be congruent with the messages previously sent, available and predictable to his partner.

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