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by Clément Brygier, CEO, Digital Insighters

Social Media Intelligence & ereputation : Listening to your consumers online (2H)

 Understand and capitalize on your customers' new behaviors in a post-quarantine world

by Clément Brygier, CEO, Digital Insighters

— Target : Marketing or communication managers of B2C brands— Format & Duration : Keynote live or in replay 2H + Q&A You should know : Your customers expect your brand to realize that their habits and behaviors have changed with containment. Be equipped to detect trends and respond to new consumer expectations.— Pricing : it depends on the format and number of participants, contact-us

This training is perfect for you, if you'd like to :  

    Understand how your organization can optimize its Social Media Intelligence
    Identifying the challenges of reputation and crisis management on the web
    Know the limits of Social Listening tools and how to overcome them
    Organise the analysis and distribution of data and insights within the organisation
    Optimize your governance of your Social Media Intelligence project


Your expert for this training 


by Clément Brygier, CEO, Digital Insighters

Expertises : marketing intelligence, social data analytics, reputation management, and crisis management 11 years experience of social listening, buzz monitoring

Clément Brygier has been working for 11 years with major high exposure brands. He co-founded Digital Insighters, a data analytics consultancy, with the conviction that data from the web and social media represent a mine of strategic information untapped by brands. 

What will you learn in this online course

  • #1 : Listening to the digital consumer

    ● Quick tour of new online consumer behaviours. ● They spend more time on the web and develop habits that impact your image, your business... ● The trend has accelerated with quarantine, and "offline" Internet users have even reactivated their accounts on social networks.
  • #2 : The principles of digital data: understanding online expression and data types

    ● Social data is simple to understand for humans but complex to process for machines. ● What are the main principles that surround it?
  • #3 : How to choose the right Social Listening tool

    ●  The tools are very similar but some keys will help you to choose the right tool for your needs.
  • #4 : Principles of data collection

    ● Main principles on parameterization, data availability and regulatory context (GDPR and CCPA)
  • #5 : Social data analysis

    ● How to properly analyze the data and understand the limitations of AI. ● What your team's (or provider's) analysts need to provide.
  • #6 : Distribution of Actionable data and insights

    ● Generating insights or obtaining them through his agency is all well and good, but distributing them to the right people and making them actionable requires other skills or reflexes.
  • #7 : Governance and budget of a Social Media Intelligence project

    ● Having good governance and the right budget investment allow a project to succeed and define realistic objectives.

Format of this training course

  • 1

    Online Video Training

    Follow this video training live or in replay, for an easier access anytime.

  • 2

    Ressources +

    Aside this training, you will receive key slides and useful links.

  • 3


    The expert will be available live or by comments in order to answer to your questions.

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