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Par Katja Graisse, Associate Director of Balistik#Art

Luxury and Digital: The Latest Trends to Know in 2020 (1H)

New technologies, new platforms, new generations, both Y and Z, new connected consumers: a training to better understand the challenges of the luxury sector in a digital environment with an overview of the latest trends in 2019-2020.

By Katja Graisse, Associate Director Balistik#Art

- Target: Accessible to all: Communication Director, Marketing Director, Head of Digital, Brand Content Manager, Social Media Manager...- Format & Duration: Keynote live or Replay 1 hour- To note: A dynamic training session, appreciated by our clients. Our French and English experts have between 22 and 30 years of experience and have participated in numerous conferences and works dedicated to communication and marketing, and in particular for their expertise in communication strategies, digital marketing and more specifically in the luxury industry. - Price: depending on the number of participants, consult us

100% pragmatic training: 

    Understand the challenges of digital for the luxury industry in 2020
    Observe the latest trends in 2019 and 2020
    Identify the strategic challenges of digital for the luxury sector for the coming years


Your expert trainer  


Katja Graisse, Associate Director of Balistik Art

- Expert, consultant, speaker
- 30 years of experience, Training in digital and communication for luxury professionals (LVMH, Pernod Ricard, Clarins Fragrance Group, l’Oréal Luxe, Coty)
- Expertise: Luxury, communication, marketing, digital, e-PR, social media, storytelling & brand content

This training will teach you

  • # 1. Understand luxury strategies in a digital environment

    ● New approaches in the luxury sector in their 2019-2020 digital strategies (best practices)
    ● Case studies through a series of inspiring examples in different luxury sectors: cosmetics, wines & spirits, fashion and accessories, fine jewelry and fine watchmaking, luxury travel industry, etc.
  • # 2. Discover the emerging trends in the sector with our trend book

    ● Selection of the best trends from our BLSTK Replay 2019 and 2020 (not to be missed!)
  • # 3. Identify the strategic levers of the luxury industry on digital

    Identification of luxury strategies for various digital operations (content creation, image strategy, UGC challenge, etc.)

  • Final assessment quiz

    ● Evaluation quiz
    ● Additional resources

Format of this training course

  • 1

    Online Video Training

    Follow this video training live or in replay, for an easier access anytime.

  • 2

    Ressources +

    Aside this training, you will receive key slides and useful links.

  • 3


    The expert will be available live or by comments in order to answer to your questions.

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